About Me

Mixing Engineer

Mixing music has always been my passion! I am doing this professionally for quite a few years now!


Producing a song always felt like magic to me. I am fortunate enough to make a living from producing music today!


I studied jazz drumming professionally. But today my focus is more on mixing and producing


I've been fortunate enough to collect a lot of experience in teaching music related stuff (Mixing, Producing, Drumming


Some pics of my studio

My Story

I started mixing when I was 12 years old. I remember, when I bought my first Behringer Mixing console (which was way too expensive :-)). I plucked in my e-guitar, midi drums, bass and started recording into tape recorder. I had only one mix master stereo channel, so it was a 2-track mixdown. Wow, but that was so cool to me. I wanted more! But I couldn’t afford more – So I started recording with my computer.

Unfortunately I didn’t know what a DAW is, so I didn’t have the option of multi track recording and mix mastering. I just had one software – WaveLab. So I started overdub recording. Unfortunately WaveLab didn’t offer any multitrack mix mastering service – I didn’t have the possibility to mix the tracks separately. I had to record very carefully and mix in all instruments, one by one. That were my first steps into recording.

After a while I found out about the existence of Logic. I am not talking about Mr. Spock, no I am talking about the DAW. Wow, that was crazy. A teacher of mine told me about it. I had to get it! School? No. School wasn’t important to me. Logic was the new most important thing in my live. I haven’t had the chance to record a real drum set, so I found out how to use real drum samples in order to simulate real drum grooves. I was blown away.

Now I could create music and mix it AFTER the recording.I couldn’t believe it. My passion for mix mastering service was born. Within the next years, I started buying monitors, a better computer, getting my first plugins and some very very cheap microphones. I read like 20 books about audio recording, mixing and mastering. It really became my sense of living!

Once I saved very much money and bought my first really good microphone. An Audio Technica AT4050 for 600 bucks. My expectations were high, but I was very disappointed soon. Not because it turned out that the microphone was bad…no! The Microphne was great! It just turned out that I didn’t know how to use it. But at least for the next few years I blamed the “bad” microphone for the bad sound.

After some years and more experience I decided to borrow 26.000€ from my uncle. With this money I started to build my first mix mastering service studio. I rented a room and optimized its acoustics for another 8.000€. At this time I also got to know about building equipment yourself.

Now I was the official and very proud owner of my own recording, mix mastering studio. But since I got to know about the possibility of building your own recording equipment I was blown away again. I started to study electronics on my own. Today most of gear is built with my own hands…Why?

If I can build my own gear I can make sure to really only use the best electronics parts. That’s why often DIY gear sound better in the mix….Most companies have to save, when it comes to the parts. But if I have the choice – I can go with only the best of the best.

Today I am a very proud studio owner. I doing mix mastering services for over 16 years now and I am so happy about it. I love my Job so much and I am very thankful for that! Also I am thankful for you visiting my website, because you help me making it possible.

Diamond Precision Studio

Bräunlichgasse 24, 2700 Wiener Neustadt


Email: [email protected]